viability analysis

When somebody is going to buy a golf course, it is essential to have a complete analysis of viability. value4golf we offer professional advice to those persons or entities that are assessing the possibility of purchasing a golf course that is already in operation.

In our analysis of viability we delve into all the aspects that the investor should take into consideration, putting at your disposal a complete report on the asset object of purchase, the situation of the sector, and the aspects that must be present before perfecting the purchase transaction.




Our analysis of viability subjects to examination, among others, the following aspects of the operation:

  • History, evolution and current situation of the asset.
  • Complete description of the services and facilities of the asset.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Market study.
  • Business model.
  • Investment recommendation.
  • Organization of services and departments.
  • Projections of the P&L account to 5 / 10 years.
  • Investment viability and profitability analysis.
  • Recommendations for the purchase.

We put the highest as possible level of information available to our customer from an objective perspective and based on our extensive experience in the sector and in business management.


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