project management

One of the most relevant activities of value4golf is the integral project management, both new creation and reform of golf clubs.

In both cases, the project consists of a temporary development that aims to achieve a determined product or service. This timing indicates that every project has a beginning and an end, preferably arriving when the objectives have been achieved.

value4golf offers comprehensive management of your project from its origin to its end, to guarantee its proper implementation and the attainment of the objective pursued.

We put at your disposal our experience in golf to control and coordinate all phases involved in a construction project of a new golf course or reformation of an existing one:

  • Identification of the project’s requirements.
  • Economic and financial feasibility study.
  • Detection and management of the needs and expectations of the promoters, while the planning and developing of the project.
  • Maintenance of an active communication with developers.
  • Management of the variables that comprise the project, such as scope, quality, temporary planning, budgetary control, resource management, risk management, etc.
  • Golf Course and Club House design.
  • Supervision and control of the implementation of the project.

Successfully completed the project, value4golf can complement the partnership with its clients through management consulting service and professional services consultancy, in the case of new building projects to set them up, and in reform projects to advise the Club about the protocols of management and organization that are best suited to the correct functioning of the Club.

value4golf advises you to choice the business model according to your interests, taking into consideration not only the characteristics of the project, the financial economic feasibility and analysis of market studies, but also and very especially the objectives of the promoter, for the purpose of planning and executing the project so as to guarantee the viability of the operation and maintenance of the golf course once it is open.

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