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We have previously mentioned that Spanish golf sector has been affected, like many others, by the hardness of the financial crisis of the past few years, forcing many golf courses to close their doors for being unsustainable from an economic point of view.

These golf courses have changed hands, and occasionally have ended up to be part of the assets of companies that have nothing to do with our sector, such as banks or real estate.

The value of those assets runs the risk of being lost completely if they are not maintained and for this reason it is highly recommended to keep them in management, so that they retain or increase its value and contribute to the achievement of the objective for which they were built.

The proper management of a golf course is not easy for the uninitiated in our sector, being convenient to hire the services of experts in the field that may lead the business properly.

value4golf we offer our experience in management of Golf courses to those entities which, without deliberate focus on the business of Golf, are in this situation and need to exploit the golf courses that keep among its assets.

For the sake of maximum flexibility, our customers can choose among different asset management models:

  • Direct integral: the entity engages our service and value4golf takes care of everything, including staff for key management positions.
  • Indirect integral: value4golf lends its complete work in consulting and management to the staff employed by the entity.
  • Partial, direct or indirect, and may limit our collaboration to individual aspects demanded by our client.

Ultimately, value4golf adjusts the asset management model to the interests and needs of its customer and keeps the quality of service and level of maintenance that agreed with the property and meets the market conditions at any time.

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