strategic planning

In an increasingly competitive sector, in which the economic circumstances of the environment influence decisively the activities of clubs, it is essential to analyze in depth to where we want our club to go in the following years. Strategic planning is a fundamental management tool in any company and also in golf clubs.

Our extensive experience in golf management allows us to provide to the club’s management team criteria and approach to strategic planning that will fit the circumstances of each club and, through the design and implementation of feasible action plans, ensure the correct execution of the plan and the achievement of the main objectives.

Our strategic planning work involves the following actions:

  • Analysis of the club: history, legal structure, evolution of activity, processes, management, etc.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Definition of the objectives of the plan.
  • Collect ideas which have emerged from the brainstorming meetings held with the management team of the club.
  • Preparation of the strategic plan.
  • Presentation of the strategic plan.



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