process analysis

value4golf we are specialised in the development of Process Analysis works consisting in deep and full evaluation of all of the management processes of Golf clubs.

This Process Analysis work involves conducting a series of analyses and studies both on processes that are implanted in the administration of the Club as with respect to those that are not being followed, and those that should be regulated in order to achieve a complete control.

The Club’s activity itself will determine which management procedures would be recommendable to implement.

During the work of Process Analysis we apply our method A-D-S (Analysis-Detection -Solution), which consists of the orderly realization of the following tasks:

  • Full review of accounting.
  • Study of the criteria for organization of the posting accounts.
  • Analysis of the criteria to assign income and expenses in accounting.
  • Dashboards, method of preparation and fidelity.
  • Control of payments and Collections System.
  • Study of the procurement process.
  • Analysis of warehouse management

The full realization of the different tasks of the Process Analysis comprises of 4 to 8 weeks depending on the volume of activity of each Club and the variety of services they offer.

 The work is carried out in several stages:

  • Opening meeting with the Club’s Management to define the scope and the objectives of the audit.
  • Analysis work.
  • Regular meetings with the Club’s Management to report on the progress, positives detected, processes for improvement as well as others that are necessary to implement.
  • Closing meeting, with a comprehensive presentation of the results of the analysis.
  • Recommendations and timetable for implementation of corrective measures.
  • Final report on the internal audit.

The Process Analysis is the fundamental basis for the work of analysis of management procedures of the Club. It is a task that should be carried out on regular basis in order to know exactly the functioning of processes and to detect possible weak points to correct, so that the Club and its directors can have the assurance that all economic movement derived from the Club’s activity is properly reflected in the accounts and management tools.

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