manual of procedures

The Manual of Procedures is a tool that completes the work of internal audit. During our experience in golf clubs management we have noticed that most of them do not have this manual that, in practice, is the instruction book of the Club which neatly collects all the information relating to its activity.

Being a tool which not is often given the importance and the value it has, the Manual of Procedures is very useful for the managers, not only because it details how to operate the processes of management and organization of the Club, but also because it is the basis on which the management team and employees should continue to work regularly to analyse and discover how each process or service can be improved to make it more effective and productive.

value4golf we offer, based on the work of internal audit, the possibility of drafting a Manual of Procedures adjusted to the requirements of your Club on the basis of the variety and the type of services it offers.

In a Manual of Procedures we can find, among many other aspects, detailed information on:

  • Accounting protocol.
  • Procurement process and warehouse management protocol.
  • Organization of departments.
  • Required provision of human and material resources.
  • Service hours.
  • Control of activity.
  • Facilities maintenance plan (Golf Course, Club House).
  • Management of suppliers and subcontractors.

The Manual of procedures is a dynamic tool that has to be updated as evolve the activities of the Club. It is not only to write how things are done, but should be reviewed and updated regularly to adapt it to the reality of the Club of each moment, and contributes decisively to implement correct work habits and to improve productivity.

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